Go ahead --  you know you want to. But what if you don't have my e-mail address?

Waitaminnit, that brings up an even better question -- namely, why'n the heck would anybody want to contact The Chief (tm)? Well, for instance, to state the obvious: "Idiot, why don't you just stay put?"

But there are other reasons to get in touch, and some of them are almost as good as that one. For instance, you might want to suggest a place for me to visit somewhere along my ride. Or you might want to ax if I have any other pictures that didn't quite make the cut on the website. Or -- and I'm reaching here -- you may be able to explain a method for creating a vastly neater-looking "Contact Page" than I'm about to.

You see, my HTML guide pulls a major Chicken Little on the topic, first advising, "Don't place e-mail addresses in the body of a page, because spambots can troll for and easily find them; create a JavaScript form instead", yet following that nugget of wisdom with, "Spambots can troll for and easily find 'mailto:' statements within JavaScript forms, so don't use them." HUH? I skipped ahead three chapters for that? Oh, wait, here it is: "You may want to create another e-mail address solely for use with your website to prevent  spam from reaching your main e-mailbox." Seriously! Listen up, HTML Guide Writing Person -- The Chief (tm) is a very busy (and important) man, not the type to be checking multiple e-mailboxes from the road!

Alright, then, here's how we're gonna play it: I'll describe the e-address to use, and you'll all put your thinking caps on and figure it out. Sort of like a "rebus", right? But I'll make it easy -- just type what you see in italics:

Go to the "To" or "Address" field in your e-mail program, type in only the five letters in the word chief ...

Continue by entering the four letters tain ...

Then a dot (.) ...

Then the number 1.

So far you've got nine letters, a dot, and a 1. Right?

After the "1" add the "@" symbol (without the quotes, naturally), then

So what does all this give us? A few things: nine letters, a dot, a number, an "@" sign, and the Google Mail domain. Not to mention one happy e-mailer, and one happy The Chief (tm)!
Get it? Got it? Good!