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Who is The Chief (tm)?

Well, in the first place, he's not a guy who has "made up" his own nickname, no sir -- the tag was laid upon him in high school, lo these many years ago, and it has stuck.

Back to the present, sure, he's thrown some different looks at you -- some of them alarming. Yet he's still that rare sort, the type that possesses incredible intellect, incredible looks, and incredible humility though it looks like he’s not even trying. Please, people, ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES, for while there have been other greats who have borrowed the moniker from time to time -- among them Johnny Bucyk, Robert Parish, Allie Reynolds and that guy in Madison Square Garden -- when you want the best, leave nothing to chance: follow The Chief (tm)!

Interests, hobbies undt randoms The Chief (tm) will go on and on about if even slightly provoked?

Art Deco
Bird Watching
New York City subways, the London Underground and Buses
Alternative Music
Flicks: "Blade Runner" and 007
The Chief (tm) was once a pretty good goalie!
Kurt Vonnegut
James Hilton
Running (NEW!)
Fitness in general
Wind Power (here or here)