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Greetings, Chieficionados!

If you've been following our story -- and why wouldn't you be? It's all about The Chief (tm)! -- then you know that The Chief (tm) was recently down in the Greater Ontario / Fontana, CA Metroplex, receiving training in the art of driving a tractor-trailer, for the purpose of acquiring his CDL Class A license.

Recalling, as always, that the i Ching tells us to learn one new thing each day, know this: The Chief (tm) took the Class A test this past Freitag and passed the *heck* out of it, indeed acquiring said license and thus becoming an employee of the Swift Transportation Co., LLC. To put a cherry on top, he then immediately hopped on the motorcycle and rode it 440 miles in 100+ degree heat back up to Folsom, a trek which was far more arduous for him than for the bike, word is bond. (i.e., "Dying" --Ed.)

The good news: for those of you who have demonstrated brutal recklessness with your finances, choosing to provide The Chief (tm) with, uh, liquidity assistance -- or motorcycle ramps --- this means that your lendings now stand an excellent chance to be repaid, and probably even within this decade.

The bad news: tomorrow (Monday), The Chief (tm) flies back down to the Greater Ontario / Fontana, CA Metroplex and buttons up some paperwork. On Tuesday, he climbs in to a waiting Volvo VNL 780 ( with his Driving Mentor, setting out for all corners of the entire USA, working towards 200 driving hours in four weeks. After the 200 hours, pending a satisfactory Mentor Assessment, he goes up to the Lathrop, CA truck terminal, picks out his own personal VNL 780, and is on his own.

(God help us all --Ed.)

Why is this bad news? Because for those four weeks, The Chief (tm) is unlikely to be able to maintain the customary level of e-communication excellence, the manna by which most of you use to endure the relentlessly crushing dullness that is "life". Begging a million pardons in advance! OTOH, upon return, and upon learning the intricacies of using vacation & non-driving time for highest benefit, plans *will be put forth* to try to get to the various cities and towns and pay a proper visit to each of you.

So, starting in a few days, if you happen to see a Swift truck out there, you may want to check the cab and see if it's your boy The Chief (tm) at the helm! And rest assured he wants to see you all as soon as he can.

-- Sincerely,
The Chief (tm)
a.k.a. The Pacific Standard (tm)