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As the headline sez, welcome to the on-line version of The Chief (tm) News! Sure, it's a little “Web 1.0” and all, but getting back to your e-roots won't kill you. Besides, whether you are here by choice, or under threat of extreme physical violence, know that the Politburo-sized team at TC(tm)N is working constantly to put the latest news about The Chief (tm) on your information table!

And since it is, after all, The Chief (tm) that we are talking about, then you can also know there will be no “fake news” here: only 100% undistilled pure gusto from all over this wonderful nation of ours. Why, if there was a way to squint with your ears -- and maybe also dumb it down about six notches -- then you could almost say, “The Chief (tm): Making America Great Again, One Highway at a Time!”(c)

OK, OK -- enough with the pleasantries. Forthwith, consider yourself, Dear Reader, amongst the lucky few who will be invited to partake of these wonderful tales. And as always, our guarantee to you here at TC(tm)N is simply this: if you are not entertained and/or enlightened by the content practically leaping off of the following pages, then don't try to visit again until you've at least removed your head from out of your hindquarters. There, does that set the tone directly enough? In which case, read on, read on!

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