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"Why does this website exist" -- what're you, kidding me? So I can talk about myself!

(OK, not just that...)

Don't know about you, but I often find myself wishing I could perfectly document all of my trips and travels, even though I know that the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts, and that even the most detailed of recollections and dozens of excellent pictures can never fully deliver the impressions gained during a wonderful journey.

Yet it is precisely the elusiveness of this undertaking -- to be able to deliver to friends and loved ones all the beauty of travel and new experiences, to have them be able to share all that made the voyage enjoyable -- that sees me clicking away at the same photo opportunities time and time again, hoping that someone else can sense the same delight as I did when I was there taking that shot. And this is why the major section of the website will be an attempt to capture as much of what I’ve seen, and done, and gone through on my six-week / 7,000 mile cross-country motorcycle adventure.

Due to likely limits on the amount of time I'll have each day to actually produce it -- especially considering that I’ve only recently taught myself HTML -- the trek recap may provide only a taste. If, however, said taste allows you, Dear Reader, to let your mind grasp some of the excitement of travel, or to recall a place you once visited that has had some unforgettable influence upon your own life, then maybe I will have come closer to succeeding than I thought possible.

It seems that there are times on the road when you wish you had a particular friend or loved one with you, and other times when you’re glad to be enjoying a particular vista by oneself. As contradictory as these two ideas seem, each time it’s for the same reason: because you wish that someone who is important enough to be on your mind could be enjoying it as much as you are.