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As every trip must start somewhere, for the sake of argument let's say that this one is starting in Myrtle Beach, SC. Sure, you could say Surfside Beach instead, if you had to, though the serious sticklers could make the case that it started somewhere back in MA when it became clear that the clock was ticking, and for real this time.

I will argue any contention, however, that it began any earlier, meaning while my marriage was still intact. Especially during the later stages, even as it may have become clear that the future might not necessarily take place in MA, in itself this never meant separation or divorce. Never.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, truth is that although I was only here in the South for about six full months, some roots were put down. There was the domicile. There were the guys and gals affiliated with the baseball team(s). There were the ducks. There was the beach (that I swam in only once -- at around 1 AM). There was the place of employment. There was Dagwood's in Surfside, which served up many a pint of Bud Light (you read that right) and excellent camaraderie with both staff (such as Pete, Jason and Mary Beth) and clientele (such as Chico, Jeff, Alyssa & Mel). There were oddities such as this and this and this. Oh, and since I somehow almost failed to mention it, about half of my family lives in and around Surfside Beach as well!

Still, all good things must come to an end, and throughout the stay I knew I would be heading west at some point; sometimes via a direct course when time was of the essence, but more often following a meandering path in order to hit places I wanted to see or, in some cases, to make a Triumphant Return to. Our format, Dear Reader, is that you can navigate through the weekly segments at left, and then on the daily segments within -- treat yourself to a look at the site map page to get a visual. New segments will be added as they are accomplished, or when I have time to add them, but never before they are accomplished, for that would be impossible because I won't yet have been to them (unless I am able to get my hands on a Type 40 TARDIS time displacement machine) And as always, I not only thank you for your support but hope you can enjoy the ride with me. But enough blabbing, n'est-ce pas? Choose a weekly link on the left and I'll see you out on the road!