WEEK 4: CONMUTAZ*! (*see "Day 25" -- Ed.) CONMUTAZ!


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"CONMUTAZ"? What the...? Like, is this what all that time on the road has done to the dude's brain? Because if this is how far it has, in fact, deteriorated, then maybe it's time to buy a bullet and rent a gun -- he won't be able to remember what goes into a gin and tonic, let alone sell multi-million-dollar wind turbines to communities whose richest inhabitants would do anything to prevent their construction.

You know what, though? Maybe there's something to it, a method behind the madness, to coin a phrase. So how's this grab you: careful footwork on Day 25 and CONMUTAZ is real, word is bond. Can't keep up? Listen, I've got my own problems -- the next couple of days kick off a bunch of campground stays, some of them primitive, some of them requiring multi-mile hikes to reach -- and lemme tell ya, it has been hot.

So check it out, drink in the natural beauty found on both sides of the Rockies, and I'll get back at ya just as soon as I can. Thanks for hanging in there so far!

Week Four Daily Segments

Day 22: Estes Park to Glenwood Springs, CO
Day 23: Glenwood Springs, Day Two
Day 24: Glenwood Springs to Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP (near Montrose, CO)
Day 25: Black Canyon, CO to Bluff, UT
Day 26: Bluff, UT to Tuba City, AZ
Day 27: Tuba City to Grand Canyon NP (North Rim Campground)
Day 28: Hiking the Grand Canyon and Toroweap Overlook...or not?