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Alright, alright, if you've been following along with Our Story Thus Far, you'd be well within your rights to wonder what the h-e-double hockey sticks all this is about New Jersey. Wasn't this idiot The Chief (tm) most recently riding his motorcycle somewhere down in the deep South -- how'd he get all the way back to the Northeast? (Maybe that is a Type 40 TARDIS machine after all...) But even then, why go to New Jersey, for the love of You Know Who?

People! It is not for the love of You Know Who, but old friend Rotho's love of a woman to whom he will become married, that brings The West Marin Gambit to a temporary halt -- though not before high-tailin' it out of the bayou, checking out the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains, and making a Triumphant (if brief) Return to Dallas, Texas!

Week Two Daily Segments

Day 8:   Breaux Bridge to Shreveport, LA
Day 9:   Shreveport to Hot Springs, AR
Day 10: Hot Springs to Eureka Springs, AR
Day 11: Eureka Springs
and environs
Day 12: Eureka Springs to Winding Stair Nat'l. Rec. Area (near Page, OK)
Day 13: Winding Stair NRA to Irving, TX
Day 14: DFW to Newark, NJ (EWR) via American Airlines