WEEK 3: From South of the Border
to the Top of the World!
The ''Big Sombrero''


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WOW...that sounds like one heck of a week...how do you do it, The Chief (tm)? BTW by "South of the Border" I don't mean that Bohack tourist mecca on the NC / SC border -- I mean the Real Thing, pal! Those in the know (who also, to this day, deserve a beating) would say I went down there to pay homage to part of the family heritage, if not to "rummage [through trash] and/or make soup."

Meanwhile, consider also this bit about "Top of the World". What's this dude mean -- like, Mt. Everest, or K2? Nah, but when you're in a place which can claim some fifty-one peaks of at least 14,000 ft. in elevation, one is to be forgiven a bit of hyperbole. Seriously, you ever been through Rocky Mountain National Park? No? Well, click away and you'll feel like you have been -- that's my job!

Week Three Daily Segments

Day 15: Newark/EWR to Dallas/DFW to Fredericksburg, TX
Day 16: F-Burg to Del Rio, TX...and Mexico!
Day 17: Del Rio to Pecos, TX
Day 18: Pecos, TX to Alamogordo, NM
Day 19: Alamogordo to Las Vegas, NM
Day 20: Las Vegas, NM to Manitou Springs, CO (Pikes Peak)
Day 21: Manitou Springs to Estes Park, CO